Suicide Prevention

Crisis Support

Suicide Awareness, Prevention & Postvention


Question-Persuade-Refer Training

This one-hour training, free for GVMA members, teaches how to recognize the signs that someone may be contemplating suicide, how to talk to them if you are concerned, and how best to get them help. Click Here to Learn More.

Compassion Fatigue

We chose this career because we are compassionate, caring people. Unfortunately, that also makes us more susceptible to compassion fatigue. If we had no compassion, we would not have to worry about the fatigue. The first step is to understand and accept the emotional strain that is part of our career. We must recognize the toll it takes on us daily, yet also recognize our great potential to overcome or minimize its effects.

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Risk Factors & Warning Signs
How to Help Someone in Crisis
Support for Survivors of Attempted Suicide

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