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In order to place a free ad, in the application process under the option for Relocation Costs, No Relocation must be selected (instead of Paid or Negotiable). If you do not select No Relocation you will not be given the option of a free local posting during checkout.

Sorry, no it does not. Because the GVMA Career Center is a third-party vendor, the login (username and password) information you have created for is not retained in the Career Center.

Although GVMA members may post a career center online ad for free, these ads are only visible to potential employees who utilize for their employment search. It will not be visible to anyone entering the Veterinary Career Network via alternative links such as national or other state associations.

Since this is a third-party resource, the staff at the GVMA will not be able to assist you. For any questions regarding the Career Center, please contact their Support Team at (888) 491-8833 ext. 1561

Please note:

The Career Center is a third-party resource.
Need help? Please call the Career Center at (888) 491-8833, ext. 1561