Uniting our community in times of need.​

Compassion in Action

There are events in life that are significant and potentially life-changing. In those times, it is important to have community support. We believe the veterinary community wants to reach out to others with kindness and compassion during those periods and are excited to share the GVMA CAN program.

GVMA C.A.N. – Colleague/Clinic Personnel – Assistance Needed is designed to assist those in the veterinary community who have experienced some significant, potentially life-changing event in their lives. The sole purpose of the GVMA CAN program is to allow the veterinary community to reach out in meaningful and compassionate ways to veterinarians, licensed veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants, receptionists, kennel technicians, and their families who experience a death, catastrophic event, serious illness, or injury.

If you or someone in the Georgia veterinary community needs help, an application may be submitted, which will then be reviewed by the GVMA C.A.N. Committee. A Georgia-licensed veterinarian or veterinary technician must be part of the GVMA C.A.N. Application. If the need fits within the parameters of the program, an email with the pertinent information is sent to members of the GVMA. Those who can help may reply and will then be linked to the person in need or appropriate contact. The way the program works is simple, but the effects can be significant. 

Needs addressed by the C.A.N. program can range from unique medical conditions requiring specialized referrals to a fire loss requiring help with clothing, food, or housing. Some other examples of assistance include food, meals, a rare blood type donation, assistance with transportation in a medical crisis, providing relief services, childcare, or building a wheelchair ramp in a residence. Sometimes, a word of encouragement during a challenging season offers more to a colleague than we will ever realize and the GVMA is here to help our colleagues connect. Look out for emails that have a subject line of GVMA C.A.N. and respond to the ones that connect with you and help strengthen our community through support for each other.