What is “One Health”?

One Health is an approach that recognizes that the health of people is closely connected to the health of animals and our shared environment. (1) As the population has grown, we tend to share our lives more closely with all kinds of animals.

Common One Health Issues

zoonotic diseases, antimicrobial resistance, food safety and food security, vector-borne diseases, environmental contamination, and other health threats shared by people, animals, and the environment.  (1)

Goal of Movement

The One Health Approach aims to fight these issues in a way that benefits people, animals, and the environment alike. The One Health approach can also be adapted to increase our appreciation for the way we care for animals and the planet.


What is the “Human-Animal Bond”?

The Human-Animal Bond is defined as a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals that positively influences the health and well-being of both. Benefits of the Human-Animal Bond

Ways in which we can access the human-animal bond

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