Looking Ahead: What’s Coming in 2024

Things To Look Forward To

Leading the industry in continuing education.

Since COVID, CE has been a rapidly evolving landscape, reshaping how people get their continuing education. However, one thing remains unwavering – our commitment to delivering engaging, relevant, and valuable continuing education to our members. We’re excited to introduce a new era of hands-on learning experiences, ensuring you leave our events with tangible skills, not just abstract concepts. In our field, tactile learning is unbeatable for mastering certain skills, and we’re dedicated to bringing that valuable experience to our members.

Topics we covered in wet labs this year:

  • Ophthalmology
  • Ultrasound, abdominal – Beginner
  • Ultrasound, abdominal – Intermediate
  • Emergency & Critical Care – Bandaging
  • Exotics 101 – Intro to Rabbits and Reptiles

Topics coming in 2024:

  • Dentistry – More to come very soon.
  • Orthopedics – Shhhhh! This is super sneak-peek, so keep on the look-out for more info on this one!
  • Ultrasound, abdominal – Beginner
  • Ultrasound, abdominal – Intermediate

Prioritizing the development of our early career practitioners.

We’re proud to be the first state VMA partnering with the generous Stanton Foundation to introduce the Spectrum of C.A.R.E. Program – Creating Accessible Resources and Expertise. This initiative is tailored exclusively for our recent graduates, equipping them with advanced skills early in their careers. With these, they can offer individualized care that best serves both the patient and owner, and improves outcomes for many pets. Managing complex cases, such as diabetes, often demands more than what’s taught in the classroom. At GVMA, we’re dedicated to equipping our early career professionals with the knowledge and confidence they need to tackle real life situations ahead of their time.

Additionally, our recent graduates will also be offered the opportunity to participate in the Recent Grad Program at next year’s Emerald Coast Veterinary Conference. More info coming soon, but you can expect tailored programming, exclusive networking opportunities, and free registration to the wet labs. Stay tuned for more info!

We will always provide benefits, resources, and tools that are relevant to the wide array of veterinarians across this state. When you’re a member, we’re supporting your career, every step of the way.

Expect to see more programming covering mixed-animal medicine.

VetSouth 2023 had more mixed animal programming than ever before, featuring tracks on equine medicine, small ruminants, backyard poultry, and apiology.

Caring for Creatures Great and Small: A Mixed Animal Webinar Series (Available now in our Learning Library!)

Southeast Veterinary Summit – A food and farm conference uniting the veterinary and agricultural community, with a special focus on bovine, poultry, and small ruminants.