GVMA Students Day

Celebrating International Students Day 2023

Your journey in veterinary medicine deserves unwavering support from start to finish. From the logo on the chest of your first white coat all the way to linking you with resources for succession plans and retirement. GVMA is here for you, personally and professionally, every step of your career.

Let’s take a look at how we’ve been by the side of students at UGA CVM throughout the year:

Student Meetings

Students checking out the new GVMA PocketPal notebooks.

The transition from student to practitioner is a critical leap. At GVMA, we don’t just talk about it; we dine, discuss, and energize the journey with our future practitioners. Our regular dinners with the students at UGA CVM are more than just a meal – they’re a dynamic forum where we cover topics that textbooks and classrooms can’t quite capture.

Why dinner? Because good conversations, like good food, should be savored. We serve up good food and great insights on how to find the right externship, explore the vast landscape of opportunities in vet med, and map out the various ways GVMA supports this exciting (albeit challenging) transition. We want to ensure students are not just ready for the real world but confident practitioners ahead of their time.

In the classroom, the students absorb knowledge. At our dinner meetings, they feast on wisdom. It’s about imparting skills that transcend the textbooks, preparing them for the unpredictable scenarios of real-world practice.

Annual Career Fair

Each year we partner with UGA to host the bustling and well-loved Career Fair. This year we had 64 hiring organizations participate with 281 students in attendance! Our members get first dibs on registration for this event, allowing them to secure a premium spot to network and recruit the right new associates for their practice. To really give it that extra flare, we raffle off 3 very popular prizes to drive participation with booths. Each year, we raffle off a pair of Hokas, a pair of FIGS, and a Littman Cardiology IV Stethoscope!

Student Program at Emerald Coast Veterinary Program

Students enjoying the boardwalk at Sandestin Resort.

There’s another side of veterinary medicine that rarely makes it into the textbooks – the fun part! Even though CE can be a bit of a chore, we wanted to show students from UGA, Tuskeegee, and Auburn University that it certainly doesn’t have to be!

This past summer we kicked off our first-ever Student Program at the Emerald Coast Veterinary Conference. Hosted annually in the picturesque Miramar Beach, Florida, alongside our friends at Alabama VMA, this isn’t your average veterinary conference. It’s a blend of learning, networking, and soaking in the good vibes of one of the most beautiful beach destinations.

Students got to see some behind-the-scenes action of the many moving parts of a veterinary conference. They participated in exclusive sessions, sat in on panels with VMA leaders, and got to really explore the amazing people and opportunities spanning this profession.

We’re not just proud; we’re downright thrilled to give students a front-row seat to one of the most unique veterinary experiences out there.

Ready to combine learning with a beach getaway? Join us at the Emerald Coast Veterinary Conference, where education meets excitement, and the next generation of veterinarians discovers just how fun this profession can be.