These are the most frequently asked questions that the GVMA office receives regarding LEAP CE.

What is LEAP CE?

LEAP (Legal, Ethical and Professional) CE is a program created by the GVMA to satisfy continuing education requirements for veterinarians & veterinary technicians in Georgia laws, rules and professionalism as set forth by the Georgia State Board of Veterinary Medicine (GBVM) in Rule 700-7-.03.

The GBVM is the regulatory authority governing veterinary licensing in Georgia.

How many hours of LEAP CE do I need?

In accordance with Rule 700-7-.03, Veterinarians licensed and practicing in the state of Georgia must have at least two (2) hours of continuing education in Georgia laws, rules and professionalism each biennial licensure period (2019-2020). Veterinary technicians are required to have one (1) hour per licensure period.

The Georgia State Board of Veterinary Medicine currently requires that one (1) of the two (2) required hours in Georgia laws,rules and professionalism for veterinarians be acquired in-person. (SEE EMERGENCY RULE CHANGE FOR 2019-2020 LICENSING PERIOD)

If I don't practice in Georgia, do I need LEAP CE?


According to Rule 700-7-.03(a)1(i) “Georgia licensees who do not practice in the State of Georgia are not required to meet the two (2) hour requirement in Georgia laws, rules and professionalism”


How do I know what CE is approved?

The simple answer is to attend the GVMA LEAP CE offerings. The GVMA works directly with the Georgia State Board of Veterinary Medicine to create approved CE for all GVMA LEAP CE programs. We only open our events up for registration once they have received approval by the GA State Board.

If you are uncertain whether the CE you obtained from non-GVMA events meets the requirements, contact the Georgia State Board of Veterinary Medicine at 1-844-753-7825.

Where can I get LEAP CE?

The GVMA is the largest provider of CE approved to fulfill Georgia laws, rules and professionalism requirements throughout the state of Georgia. More LEAP CE events will be made available during license renewal years (even years). Please contact us if you would like to bring LEAP CE to your location!

See our calendar of events to find LEAP CE near you!

How much does LEAP CE cost?

The GVMA offers 2 hours of LEAP CE at no cost to all GVMA members, and free registration for LEAP CE is available for members at any meeting where GVMA LEAP CE is offered. Veterinarian members are also given the opportunity to register their Licensed Technicians for GVMA LEAP CE for free as well! Non-GVMA Members are offered LEAP CE at the rate of $250 per person.