Develop a protocol for cleaning and disinfecting your facility and equipment:

  • Conserve your PPE – View Conservation Strategies (CDC)
  • Your management team should set the standard for infection control practices and model desired behaviors.
  • A written checklist should be developed for each area of the facility (waiting room, examination rooms, treatment area, surgery suite and kennels) that specifies the frequency of cleaning, disinfection procedures, products to be used, and staff responsible.
  • Identify specific staff to be in charge of cleaning/disinfecting all restrooms and common spaces on an established schedule, as well as door handles, grab bars, etc.
  • Disinfect everything that is frequently touched—keyboards, phones, doorknobs, counters, etc.
  • Cleaning products and disinfectants may contain components harmful to human health. Employers should provide training as required by OSHA—detailing all physical, chemical and biological hazards in workplace and MSDS should be easily accessible.
  • List of selected disinfectants for pathogens
  • EPA disinfectant list for COVID-19
  • OSHA’s recommendations for preparing workplaces
  • Checklist for Risk Mitigation Strategies (GVMA)

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