Dentistry Month 2024: Insurance Tips for Your Clients

Encourage preventative dental care through client education.

Going over pricey treatment plans can become overwhelming to clients, especially when there are significant cost concerns. During Dentistry Month especially, there is no shortage of these. Empowering your team to help clients understand what financial options are available to them can improve access to care for many pets. You may not have all the answers of what company or policy is “best”, but providing some key points to research can help owners get the coverage that best fits their pet and its needs.

Help your clients ask the right questions.

Insurance can be overwhelming and confusing – pet insurance is no difference. Asking the right questions can help pet owners make better informed decisions about pet insurance.

Pet Insurance Dental Coverage: 6 key things research

  1. What dental care is covered?
  2. Is preventative dentistry covered?
  3. Is coverage for injury only or periodontal disease as well?
  4. What is the definition of a pre-existing condition and how far back will they look?
  5. Are hereditary and congenital problems covered? What are the exclusions?
  6. Is there a waiting period for coverage?
  7. Are there wellness plans available that can help offset the cost of dental cleanings?

Check out our Insurance Comparison Charts!

Two versions available – staff use and client handouts. Empowering you to have stronger communications with clients about the many options of Pet Insurance.