Pet Insurance: How to Choose the Right Plan

Pet Insurance: Making Sense of It All

Which pet insurance plan is best?

There are so many companies offering pet insurance these days, but how do you know which one is the best option for you and your family? Companies like Nationwide, Lemonade, Trupanion, all claim to have the right coverage options for you, but oftentimes pet owners are left overwhelmed with all of the choices, and unsure where to start or what matters.

Here are some basic guidelines and questions to help you narrow your choices.

1. Pre-existing conditions

What is their definition of a pre-existing condition and how far back do they look?

Can you appeal to remove pre-existing conditions?

How long until a cured condition is not pre-existing anymore?

2. Waiting periods

What is the waiting period for orthopedic conditions?

Does covering one knee/hip exclude the other side as pre-existing?

Is there a way to shorten the waiting period for orthopedic conditions?

3. Dentistry

What dental care is covered (injury only or periodontal disease a well)? Is preventative dentistry (dental cleanings) covered?

4. Wellness plans

Is there any optional wellness coverage (vaccines, spay/neuter, flea/tick/heartworm medication, etc)?

5. Alternative treatments

Is there coverage of alternative treatments like rehabilitation, acupuncture, hydrotherapy (complementary care)? Is this included or optional?

6. Prescriptions

Are prescription diets covered if it is for a covered illness/condition?

Still need help? Any good insurance company will take the time to evaluate your needs and find the right plan for you. Take the time to ask questions and shop around to make sure your plan best fits you and your pets’ needs.

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