3 Sessions You Don’t Want To Miss At VetSouth

Soft Tissue Surgery, Raw Diets, and Infectious Disease: 3 Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss

Soft Tissue Surgery with Dr. Kevin Benjamino

Join Dr. Benjamino on Sunday of VetSouth to learn all things soft tissue surgery. He’ll be defining brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome, providing helpful tips on assessing different aspects of BOAS, and discussing surgical techniques that can be used for successful outcomes.

Want to gain confidence when performing abdominal exploratories? Dr. Benjamino will be discussing a complete GI exploratory from biopsy to resection. You’ll learn practical tips for commonly performed abdominal surgeries like liver biopsies, splenectomies, incisional gastropexy, and cystotomy,

Do you want to learn about urinary tract emergencies? Dr. Benjamino will teach you how to identify the uroabdomen case, tips for securing a diagnosis, and essential keys to stabilization post surgery.

Review the concepts of wound healing and the different phases of healing in his afternoon session. You’ll be learning about wound dressings and their specific indication of use as well as reviewing cases that demonstrate wound management and skin reconstruction.

Meat in the Middle: Navigating Raw Diets With Your Clients

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Interested in nutrition? Join Dr. Susan Wynn to learn how to navigate alternative diets with your clients. Despite veterinary disapproval, the use of raw of diets continues to grow. In order to have productive conversations, veterinarians should learn how to have productive conversations about using raw diets safely and effectively.

Check out her session about geriatric pets and nutrition where Dr. Wynn will be discussing diet recommendations for senior pets. Senior pets are individuals with unique medical and dietary histories. The dietary recommendation should take into account the medical conditions present, the owner’s needs, and the foods available in an iterative process.

Infectious Disease with Dr. Sheryl Gamble

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Every day, veterinarians administer millions of vaccines to pets across the country. Join Dr. Sheryl Gamble for a fresh perspective and update on ticks, vector borne disease, and vaccinology 101. She’ll also be doing a deep dive on leptospirosis during her second session in the morning.