From Crime Scenes to Food Security: FBI Workshop Tailored for Veterinary Professionals

Explore True Crime with the FBI: Join the Veterinarian-Focused Workshops on Criminal Investigations and Food Defense

Are you a veterinarian intrigued by true crime and interested in FBI investigations? Here’s your chance to dive into a real-life investigative experience! The FBI is hosting two workshops in Atlanta:

  • Joint Criminal-Epidemiological Investigations Workshop: July 16-17
  • Food Defense Workshop: July 18

Why Attend?

  • Represent Your Profession: Ensure veterinarians are at the forefront of discussions on disease investigation and food security.
  • Learn from FBI Experts: Understand how to identify and analyze unusual disease incidents and determine if they are accidental, natural, or intentional.
  • Network and Collaborate: Build connections with law enforcement, public health professionals, and the food industry.

There are no CE credits attached to this opportunity– but by attending, you will ensure veterinarians are represented and will learn how information is collected/when to share it and how disease introductions are determined to be accidental, natural or intentional.

Workshop Objectives:

Joint Criminal-Epidemiological Investigations Workshop (July 16-17):

  • Grasp the roles of law enforcement and animal-plant health agencies during outbreaks.
  • Dive into law enforcement threat assessments, intelligence, and criminal investigations.
  • Explore the assessment of unusual animal or plant disease incidents.
  • Learn how to recognize and report suspicious activity and establish tripwire programs.
  • Discuss best practices for joint threat assessments, investigations, and evidence collection.
  • Foster inter-professional relationships for a more integrated response.

Food Defense Workshop (July 18):

  • Understand collaboration needs with the food industry to safeguard against threats.
  • Learn about tripwires in the food industry and their role in investigative coordination.
  • Gain insights into the FBI’s role in food defense and how veterinarians can contribute.

Want to represent vet med at this event?

The GVMA would love to have member representation at these events.  If you have a few volunteer hours to give and this is of interest to you – please email Dr. Keri Riddick at for more information.