National Veterinary Technician Week 2023

Caring Hearts and Gentle Hands: A Tribute to Veterinary Technicians and Assistants

Veterinary technicians are the backbone of this profession, and without them, none of this would really be possible. How do you plan on celebrating your technicians this week? How do you plan on making them feel valued and respected every day, and not just during this celebratory week?

It is critical to understand that the success of your practices hinges on the collective performance of the entire veterinary care team. Amidst this team, an essential and sometimes overlooked role is that of credentialed veterinary technicians. Having credentialed veterinary technicians on our teams, equipped with the necessary skills, is your cornerstone of building an efficient and thriving practice. However, it is just as vital to recognize and harness these valuable skills efficiently, ensuring that your practice functions at its best. Empowering and utilizing your veterinary technicians to their fullest potential becomes a key strategy for success. 

What You Can Do: 

To unleash your staff’s full potential, talk to them one-on-one.  

  1. Start by discovering the tasks in which your technicians/assistants excel. 
  2. Ask if there any training or skills that are underutilized. Ask credentialed technicians if they feel certain current duties don’t fully utilize their training. 
  3. Additionally, consider seeking input from associate veterinarians to identify tasks that could be performed by credentialed technicians.  

By actively engaging with your non-DVM staff and optimizing their skillsets, you’ll foster a dynamic team of empowered individuals that feel supported in their work. 

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