AAPI Month in Georgia: Celebrating Dr. Greena Kim

APSA Headshot Shoot. Chicago IL. April 6, 2019. Photo by Andrew Collings.

Dr. Greena Kim

University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine Graduate
2022 Recipient of the Diversity is No Adversity scholarship

“I believe equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) is vital for our profession to grow and evolve to reflect the ever-changing population of the United States. Creating a sense of belonging for under-represented minority veterinarians, students, and technicians will ultimately lead to a thriving veterinary profession as a whole, allowing us all to perform our best as we care for all animals big and small!”

What area of this profession interests you most?

Lab animal medicine drew my interest because I am passionate about animal welfare.
Animals in research are not the first to come to mind when I tell people I am a veterinarian. However, these animals have contributed to medical developments that benefit both human and animals. As someone who has had multiple surgeries, taken various medications, received vaccines, and had a family member diagnosed with cancer,
I know that I have benefitted from the medical advancements made possible through animal research. I think it’s imperative that we care for the well-being of the animals that sacrifice so much for the benefit of our society.

How has your heritage influenced your path in veterinary medicine?

Being a first generation Korean-American veterinary student definitely made navigating a career through veterinary medicine a unique experience. Coming from the metro-Atlanta area, it was a culture shock to come to Athens and join my predominantly White veterinary class as one of the few students of Asian descent. However, veterinary medicine is continuing to improve and become more inclusive, and I’m hopeful that our profession will continue to grow in that direction.

“My great-grandmother serves as an inspiration in my life. As a woman in Korea who survived the Japanese occupation and the Korean War, she was a strong and resilient woman who helped to raise me in my childhood.”

What is your proudest moment in vet med so far?

My proudest moment was graduating from vet school and becoming the first person in my family to receive a doctorate degree!

How can state associations better equip recent graduates in their transition from student to practicing veterinarians?

State associations can better equip recent graduates by promoting a work culture throughout the state of Georgia that respects work-life balance.
I have seen many recent graduates, especially in companion animal medicine, who are over-worked and stretched thin because of the steep learning curve from being a student to a practicing veterinarian combined with the sheer volume of patients they need to see in the day.

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