OSHA Safety and Health Topics

Radiation & Laser Safety

Where radiation diagnostics and treatments are performed, inspectors validate the following points:

  • Equipment receives regular maintenance
  • Radiation areas labeled clearly: three-blade, radiation caution symbol (magenta or purple on a yellow background) and “CAUTION RADIATION AREA” posted in all radiation areas
  • All exposed team members have dosimetry badges, with exposure measurements reported to employees at least once annually
  • Appropriate protective equipment is used — lead gloves and aprons are required; thyroid protection is recommended but not required
  • Written safety policies, operating instructions, and training programs are provided

OSHA Safety and Health Topics – Radiation

Risk of exposure during radiography increases with the:

  • physical restraint of animals
  • use of older or poorly maintained equipment
  • inadequate use of protective garments

OSHA Safety and Health Topics – Laser Hazards

Questions an OSHA Inspector may ask you about Laser Safety in your practice: