Provides 7 Medical CE Credits
Feline Medicine CE
Sunday, August 7, 2022
8:00 am – 3:20 pm


Macon Marriott City Center
240 Coliseum Drive, Macon, Georgia 31217

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Cathy Lund, DVM

Cathy Lund, DVM, opened City Kitty Veterinary Care for Cats, a cat practice located in Providence, RI, more than 20 years ago. She is a board member of the AAFP, and is a past president of the Companion Animal Parasite Council. She was awarded the 2007 AVMA Meritorious Service Award for her work as board president and founder of the Companion Animal Foundation, a statewide, veterinary-based nonprofit organization that helps low-income pet owners afford essential veterinary care. She was veterinarian of the year in RI in 2010. She currently serves on several architectural and preservation commissions in the city of Providence, but her favorite activity is to promote the countless virtues of the purr-fect pet, the cat!


7:30am – 8:00am: Registration & Continental Breakfast
8:00am – 9:40am:

  • Connecting with Cat Owners: Why Paying Attention to Cats Matters
    Why are cat owners less likely than dog owners to seek out veterinary care? Is the way we engage with them and their cats creating a roadblock to care? When we adjust how we handle and communicate with cats and their people, we will actually look forward to having more feline appointments. This will open the door to developing a more successful relationship with this often misunderstood species and you will gain a reputation in the community for being “cat-friendly.”
  • How to Make Your Practice Purr-fect for Cats
    Your practice design tells the story of how you want your clients to see you and your staff, and it gives them a blueprint about what kind of care to expect. When you have the confidence to be authentic and show cat clients respect by welcoming them with good design, you will appreciate the positive effects this has on staff morale and client engagement. There are simple steps we will discuss that you can take to make your practice more welcoming and accessible to cats and cat owners.

10:00am – 11:40am:

  • Me-Ouch! How to Identify and Help Cats with Osteoarthritis Pain
    Cats get joint disease just like dogs do, and we veterinarians have been late to the game in helping arthritic cats and showing their owners how to manage this quality-of-life impacting disease. How you discuss expectations associated with aging is vital, and helping cat owners see that, no, cats don’t limp unless they are in pain can enhance and strengthen the bond they have with their cats and keep those cats in the family. We’ll discuss pain pathways and treatments and how to talk pain intervention to owners.
  • FIP: Is it Really No Longer a Death Sentence?
    Feline Infectious Peritonitis has long been one of the most awful cat diseases—it tends to affect young adult cats and has been uniformly untreatable and ultimately fatal. However, in the shadow of COVID-19, we have a new protease inhibitor drug that is effectively curative for this enteric coronavirus. However, the drug remains unapproved by the FDA, and clients are obtaining the drug on the black market, through a crowd-sourced site. Is this OK and what are the impacts on human health?

11:40am – 12:30pm: LUNCH

12:30pm – 2:10pm:

  • Litter Box Lapses: How to Think Outside the Box So Your Cat Won’t!
    Do you cringe when a client says that their cat hasn’t used the box in several months…or several years? Is there really any hope for these misguided felines? We’ll discuss some easy steps to figure out what the problem really is, and come up with solutions for fixing things. You will gain a deeper understanding about what drives these cats, and learn how to communicate their needs to clients who may not understand their cat’s motivations and misinterpret why cats are doing these anti-social acts.
  • Cats Don’t Make You Crazy! Toxoplasmosis and You
    What can this tiny protozoal parasite mean for human health and cat ownership? Is there really a link between toxoplasmosis and schizophrenia? Should people be afraid of cats and how can we keep safe from this particularly unique zoonotic disease? We’ll discuss cats and toxo and your clients and why their cats are not the real threat.

2:30pm – 3:20pm:

  • How Cats Help People Stay Healthy: A Physician’s Perspective on the Human-Animal Bond
    The pandemic has underscored how important pets are for their owner’s mental well-being. Does that also translate into real health care benefits? How does cat ownership impact the way people cope with loneliness, acute medical problems and chronic disease? One Health encompasses more than just zoonotic disease risks, and we will explore how living with cats can have many surprising benefits.


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