STAT: Status of Triage Acceptance Today

The GVMA’s New Tool to Help Emergency/Specialty Hospitals & General Practitioners Streamline Communication

What is STAT?

Status of Triage Acceptance Today (STAT) is a webpage designed to help emergency hospitals quickly provide updates of their real time status to GVMA members who have access to the webpage as a member benefit.

STAT Website Preview

How will this help?

STAT WILL SAVE YOU TIME! Through participation, assigned team members can quickly update a spreadsheet that automatically updates the webpage. Veterinarians can quickly reference the page for status updates rather than calling your hospital and tying up your resources.

Where can I find STAT?

STAT is housed on the GVMA’s website under resources and in the future will be on the GVMA App.
In addition to STAT, many emergency and specialty hospitals collaborated with the GVMA to complete the Emergency Hospital Resource guide that is a quick reference for members to check out that has information at the high level veterinarians need to know. The goal is to save referring veterinarians the time making phone calls and perusing websites looking for information that can conveniently be housed on the GVMA’s member pages.