Georgia Professional Health Program

Georgia Professional Health Program

If you need help or know a veterinarian that is battling mental health or substance abuse issues read below about the Georgia PHP

What does GA PHP stand for?

  • Georgia Professional Health Program

Who is eligible?

  • It is available for all licensed Georgia veterinarians that are in need of rehabilitative service for mental health or substance abuse disorders

What is it about?

  • Georgia PHP does not provide treatment but oversees the treatment and recovery pathway for veterinarians that are in need of treatment for addiction/impairment
  • The oversight includes referral services that include:
    • Financial counseling
    • Family and marriage counseling services
    • Long-term recovery follow-up

Will I still be able to practice veterinary medicine?

  • If you are complying with the treatment plan from the GA PHP, your license will be protected
  • The veterinarian signs an agreement to follow the treatment plan
  • Upon completion of the program, the veterinarian will be evaluated by their physician to determine if they are ready to return to work

When will the GA PHP be available to Georgia licensed veterinarians?

The GVMA will send out communications to all members with the contact information for the GA PHP

Written by Wendy Cuevas-Espelid, BVSc, MPH, DACVPM