Dear GVMA member,

The GVMA and GVMA Foundation would like to thank the Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) for working with the GVMA Foundation again to allow private practitioners to utilize funds from the spay / neuter grant program. Because veterinarians cannot apply individually, the GVMA Foundation will apply for a large grant and will distribute those funds to all participating members.

As in the past, GVMA members may apply for those funds to pay for or subsidize sterilization procedures for clients. The GVMA Foundation requires on your hospital’s letterhead the following information (Due no later than Monday, January 31, 2022):

· Your willingness to participate in the program:
· Your agreement to the fee range established by the GVMA Foundation
· State license # of all participating veterinarians
· Phone # and address of veterinary facility
· Name of a contact person from your hospital that the GVMA can communicate with regarding any submissions or payment issues

The fee range for spay and neuter services are as follows:
Cat neuter – $45 cost per procedure
Cat spay -$55 cost per procedure
Dog neuter – $65 cost per procedure
Dog spay – $75 cost per procedure

According to the Georgia Department of Agriculture regulations, “grant funds shall be used for sterilization surgeries only and shall not be used for capital or administrative expenses or for procedures not directly related to sterilization surgery, such as promotions, vaccinations, testing, licensing, food, medicine, and/or other medical procedures.”

Email or fax to 678-309-3361, to the attention of Dr. Wendy Cuevas, GVMA Foundation.

-You will be notified if we are awarded funding and will be provided a link to submit the required information for each animal.
-All forms this year must be submitted digitally via the GVMA portal. Paper or faxed reimbursement forms will not be accepted this year.
-You will receive reimbursement payment on a weekly basis only for completed procedures by the licensed veterinarians initially listed.

Since the inception of the program, the GVMA Foundation has been able to assist with 8,464 spays and neuters.

Thank you for your willingness to participate in this program and helping your community.

GVMA Foundation Chair – Ali Daniel, DVM
GVMA Director of Veterinary Services—Wendy Cuevas, BS, BVSc, MPH, DACVPM