Make Sure Your License Renewal Application Isn’t Rejected!

Each veterinarian licensed to practice in the State of Georgia must obtain 30 hours of State Board approved continuing education every two years for license renewal. All veterinarians must renew their license through the Professional Licensing Board at the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office by December 31, 2022.

What you will need to complete your renewal:

  • YOUR SECRETARY OF STATE WEBSITE LOGIN INFO (you can ask the website to send you your password and login here:
  • RENEWAL FEE ($200 for DVM / $70 for Vet Techs / $20 for faculty licenses) – you may pay online with a credit card or send a check or money order made out to the Georgia Secretary of State Professional Licensing Board. If not paying online expect delays.
    • Processing Fees – Effective 3/15/2022
      • Online processing fee: $5.00
      • Mail-In processing fee: $10.00
  • Notice of Intent to Dispense Drugslicensed veterinarians are required to notify the State Board of Veterinary Medicine of their intention to dispense drugs if he or she desires to dispense any drugs and/or controlled substances as defined in Article 2 of Chapter 13 of Title 16 [O.C.G.A. §§ 26‐4‐130(a)(1) & (2); 26‐4‐130(e)].
  • VERIFICATION OF CONTINUING EDUCATION – you will be asked to verify that you have completed 30 hours of continuing education (15 if your license was new in 2021, 0 if you were newly licensed in 2022; 10 hours for Vet Techs). You do not need proof of these hours unless you receive a notification of your Continuing Education Audit for the Secretary of State’s Office.
    • Of the 30 hours, 18 hours must include scientific subject matter. Scientific subject matter includes all conventional medical and surgical sub-categories that are evidence based in addition to the science of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease as it relates directly to patients and includes a comprehensive range of the practice of veterinary medicine.
    • 2 hours must be in Georgia laws, rules and professionalism (GVMA LEAP CE), technicians only need 1 hour. Click Here for the GVMA LEAP CE Calendar. LEAP CE is FREE for GVMA members, a savings of $250.

A Note on Virtual CE: Per the Georgia State Board of Veterinary Medicine: “Board Rule 700‐7‐0.3‐.03. Emergency Rule on Continuing Veterinary Education, which was adopted due to the Public Health State of Emergency, is no longer in effect. It expired as of October 29, 2021. However, despite termination of Public Health State of Emergency, the Board will accept online CE submissions through December 31, 2022 provided that all other requirements of Board Rule 7-00-7-.03 have been met.”

This applies to all CE with the exception of LEAP, which must be obtained live or in a live virtual session such as Zoom (not pre-recorded). Virtual CE that does not include Q&A will not be accepted by the State Board (all GVMA Virtual CE meets this requirement), More information can be found on the State Board website:

License Number: The State Board will not accept your license renewal application without your full license number. For veterinarians, please remember to include “VET” at the beginning (EX: “VET123456” not “123456”) and technicians should include “VETT” at the beginning.

New State Board Website: The Secretary of State has been making improvements to their website and therefore, the web address for the State Board has changed. Please save their new website:

You can also view their page here for license renewal guidance:

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