Thinking About Seeing a Therapist? Here is How to Get Started

Thinking About Seeing a Therapist? Here is How to Get Started

There are so many options when it comes to finding a therapist.  You can see a professional in-person of online for virtual sessions, and there are even different ways to pay for services.  If you have insurance, call the members services or behavioral health line listed on the back of your insurance card to find out more about your benefits.

Online Counseling Platforms

Online counseling that is confidential and convenient is available at  .   You will fill out a brief assessment in order to be matched with a licensed counselor who can best help you.  There is the option to communicate via chat, email, phone or zoom.  They also make it easy to switch providers if your first match isn’t compatible. 

Talkspace is another online counseling platform that also provides confidential and convenient therapy with licensed counselors. Talkspace also utilizes a brief assessment in order to match you with a counselor as well as making it easy to switch providers.  

Cerebral provides counseling resources that are specifically focused on depression and anxiety.  Regular assessments, video/phone appointments with your provider, and medication delivery (if prescribed) are included in the price of the monthly prescription. 

Connecting With a Therapist in Your Area

A number of websites provide search engines with filters that enable you to search based on specific criteria such as insurance, virtual options, gender, location, identities and specialties including Psychology Today,  Therapy Den, and Therapy Tribe

Psychology Today: 

2. Therapy Den: 

3. Therapy Tribe: 

If you are would like information on how to pay for mental health care visit.

To access additional wellness resources, visit the GVMA Wellness Webpage