GVMA Policy On Cannabis

On Sunday, August 5th the GVMA Board of Directors approved a policy on cannabis and hemp derived products as outlined below:

The GVMA recognizes that Cannabis, Cannabis derived products and Hemp are on the forefront of legalization with human use.  At this time, Cannabis remains a Schedule I Controlled Substance that is illegal for the use in animals according to the DEA.  While hemp oil is legal for human use in all 50 states, it is still a product that is subject to and regulated by the FDA.  Currently, there are no FDA approved products for veterinary medicine or animal use.  The GVMA recommends compliance with the requirements and policies of the FDA, DEA and AVMA.  We support products and medicines that are properly researched, developed, tested, approved, and legalized for use in veterinary patients. The research, development, testing, approval, or legalization been not yet completed for Cannabis, Cannabis derived products, and Hemp for veterinary use in Georgia at this time.

Currently in Georgia it is illegal to recommend marijuana derived products for veterinary use.

We recognize that this is a hot topic and will be a changing field as laws are changed, research and testing is performed, and products are developed.  The GVMA commits to keeping abreast of this topic and will revisit our policy as the AVMA, DEA and FDA change their policies.