Q&A with the GVMA President, Dr. Keri Riddick

Why did you choose to get involved with the GVMA?

The GVMA serves our veterinary community and being involved in the GVMA is a way for me to give back to this incredible profession in hopes of making a difference for our Georgia veterinarians.


Are there any issues that you would like to see addressed during your tenure as the GVMA president?

Telehealth and telemedicine are at the apex of changing veterinary medicine and I would like to see the GVMA be at the table for these discussions. We can assist in developing a proper understanding of how veterinarians can use this tool to benefit our patients, clients and practices while also following the correct legal and ethical guidelines.


How has the GVMA benefited you?

The GVMA has benefited me first as a practice owner. I appreciate the GVMA serving as a voice for us when decisions at the state level may affect my everyday business. Personally, the GVMA Foundation and their Companion Animal Fund helped one of my clients with financial assistance. This act of kindness and generosity made a difference for my client and I am grateful to the Foundation for their decision to this day.


What advice do you have for recent graduates as they begin their career?

First and foremost, do not burn yourself out by working 60+ hours a week or working every single weekend. This is not healthy for you and as attractive as the package may be chances are strong that your life will not be enriched and rewarding. Also, look for practices that have strengths in the skill sets you want to become proficient in the most. Veterinary medicine is changing so much, I really believe learning to interact with clients on their level and having a strong skillset in techniques and procedures that can be accomplished by your hands will keep you marketable throughout your career as well as give you daily satisfaction and accomplishment.  Finally, become involved in programs offered through the GVMA such as the Power of 10.  These opportunities offer education, collaboration within a friendly, supportive environment.


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