Why Should I Be a GVMA Member? We Are Advocating for You!

Why Should I Be a GVMA Member? We Are Advocating for You!

You probably asked yourself this question this year when you got your invoice for dues renewal (or have asked yourself this question in the past). Let us show you the value that you received as a GVMA member just during this past year!

At the beginning of the pandemic, the GVMA was there for our members doing the following:

  • Advocating for veterinarians to be classified as essential businesses so the doors to clinics could stay open and patients should continue to be seen.
  • Going through state, local and county executive orders so when county and municipal authorities were telling veterinarians they had to shut down their businesses because of the virus, the GVMA was there to help straighten things out.
  • The GVMA hosted numerous Town Halls to ensure that veterinarians had access to the top public health and governmental authorities during the early days of the pandemic and also provided access to legal, human resources, and financial experts to help veterinarians make the best decisions for their businesses and their staffs.
  • The GVMA weeded through volumes of information on COVID-19 and posted daily on their website any information that they felt veterinarians needed to know as a business owner or employee of a clinic.
  • The GVMA put together information on how veterinarians could keep your business and employees safe during the pandemic.

The GVMA is the only organization in the state that thinks about veterinarians 24/7:

  • The GVMA Wellness Committee, composed of veterinarians, Practice Managers, Veterinary Technicians, students and academia concentrate solely on wellbeing and resilience within the profession and providing veterinarians with the wellness resources they need
  • The GVMA Board and Advocacy Committee look out for the profession at the State Capitol to ensure that undue regulations or hindrances to practicing veterinary medicine aren’t imposed.
  • The GVMA worked with the State Board of Veterinary Medicine to get legislation passed that creates a Professional Health Program (PHP) that will cover veterinarians (before that it only covered human healthcare professionals). In case you aren’t familiar with what a PHP will do for you, here’s a brief summary.