EIA Form Changes

EIA Form Changes

From the Georgia Veterinary Diagnostic Labs:

To our EIA submitters,
Thank you for placing your trust in the Georgia Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories at UGA. Per the USDA Veterinary Services Guidance released October 2019, there will be multiple changes in the Coggins paperwork requirements moving forward.

Effective April 15, 2020:
•Only the 2018 version of the VS 10-11 Equine Infectious Anemia Test Form will be accepted
oTo order forms, contact the GA Department of Agriculture at(404) 656-3665 Ext. 1401 or gdasupplyorder@agr.georgia.gov
•No fields are allowed to be left blank

o This includes:
•Test Requested by Veterinarian
•Reason for Testing
•All boxes in Written Narrative Description

o If a field has no answer, mark through the field or write N/A
•Markings drawn on the form must match the written narrative description
•The Veterinarian must be Federal Category II accredited
•State license numbers are no longer accepted

o Federal Category II National Accreditation Number must be entered on the form

As a reminder that the following are always required:
•Blood must be collected within 30 days of receipt in the lab. Samples older than 30 days will be rejected
•The Federal Category II accredited veterinarian must sign the form. Testing of samples will be delayed without the veterinarian’s signature
•Electronic certificates can be generated using VSPS or through private vendors and are anapproved alternative to the VS 10-11 form

Questions? Feel free to visit our website at ugavetlab.org or contact us and let’s see how the Georgia Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories can assist you in this transition.