Veterinary Care Foundation

How often do you have a client that can’t afford a surgery or procedure; a rescue group looking for a discount; a Good Samaritan who brings a pet to you or a client that doesn’t qualify for CareCredit?

How many times have you said to yourself “I wish we had a charitable foundation that we could turn to”?

Many practices do what they can to help but unfortunately, that typically comes right out of the bottom line.

That’s where VCF can help. VCF has established charitable funds for over 400 practices under our 501 (c) (3) charitable umbrella that enables those practices to receive tax-deductible gifts from their clients. 100% of every gift to that is earmarked for a veterinary practice goes into charitable fund of that practice. The only cost to the practice is the Annual Membership Fee of $360.

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How does the Veterinary Care Foundation help practices?

The Veterinary Care Foundation (VCF) establishes charitable funds for veterinary practices under its 501 (c)(3) charitable umbrella and assists those practices with developing funding opportunities for discounted and no-charge cases.

How can a practice use its VCF Charitable Fund?

Charitable Contributions can be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Good Samaritan cases
  • CareCredit denied clients
  • Clients experiencing financial difficulties
  • Rescue group discounts
Does the Foundation have to approve Grants?

No, each practice establishes its own grant criteria and can use its funds at its discretion. VCF provides sample funding guidelines that have been adopted by other practices.

How does a practice withdraw money for a grant from its charitable fund?

The practice simply logs into its account online and submits a Grant Request – funds are received within 10 days.

How is VCF different from the new program announced by the AVMF?

There are two main differences:

  1. 100% of every gift to a VCF practice is deposited into the practice’s charitable fund whereas the AVMF’s program keeps 8% of every gift which can be significant for large gifts
  2. VCF does not solicit gifts from practice clients
Can a practice name its fund?

Yes, a practice can name its fund.

How does a practice raise money for its fund?

Once a practice enrolls VCF provides materials to assist the practice in raising funds and awareness.

Are clients thanked for their contributions?

Clients who pay on-line automatically receive an electronic tax receipt. Clients who pay by mail receive a thank you letter that will also serves as a tax receipt.

What is the membership fee?

The annual membership fee is just $360. To join simply go the VCF website and click on the join tab.

Do you provide brochures that are personalized to each veterinary practice member?

We provide practices with brochures but they not personalized for each practice. Some practices have used the VCF brochure template and customized it for their own practice.

How often do you issue account balance statements?

We don’t issue balance statements – you simply log into your account 24/7 to review your transactions and check your fund balance.

Where do you hold foundation money?

Foundation funds are held at Chase Bank.

Do you tell us who makes donations and how much?

Yes you are notified via email when a gift is made to your fund.

If we wish to avoid the decision making process in terms of who gets funding, is there a mechanism by which you can help make those decisions?

The decision is always made by the practice but we do provide you with sample funding guidelines that you can use to create your own.

How much money do you end up distributing in a calendar year in total?

In 2015 we distributed over $1 million in grants to practices.

How long has VCF been in existence?

We received our 501 (c)(3) from the IRS in 2008.