Develop a protocol around the following parameters:

  • Virus Education
    • No documented cases of transmission from animals to humans, no vaccine developed, number of cases in the area, recovery rate, providing a daily update based on facts.
    • Don’t let staff rely on fake news & illegitimate sources
    • Know the difference between the symptoms of coronavirus, the flu, a cold and seasonal allergies
  • Limiting Exposure
    • 6-ft distance from people, hand washing when in contact with any human/animal, no hand shaking/hugging/personal contact, no touching of your face, avoid exposure to crowds
    • Place hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, & tissues in common areas (exam rooms, meeting rooms, restrooms, break rooms, etc.)
    • Bring 2 extra changes of scrubs: 1 to stay inside & 1 to stay in your car
  • Develop a strict policy on staying home if you are sick
    • Take your temperature daily before you leave to come to work
  • Develop a strict policy on washing hands/using hand sanitizer whenever in contact with a sick pet, a client, or anyone dropping off supplies.
  • Take precautions in personal life
    • Line up multiple childcare options, bring their lunch to avoid public places, make a financial plan with their families if they must be off work, etc.
  • Maintain up to date staff records
    • Should include emergency contact information & vaccination history
    • Employee health information should be collected on a voluntary basis & confidentially maintained.
    • Employees with immunocompromising conditions should talk to their primary health-care provider to clarify work parameters & obtain guidance.
  • Handling Laundry
    • If handling soiled laundry, wear PPE (gloves, face mask, +/- gown if you think laundry will touch your clothing).
    • Remove gloves & soiled gowns before folding clean laundry.
    • When picking up pets from a client’s car wear PPE & place a washable towel over the pet when handling them to limit exposure to the pet.

Your mental well-being & that of your staff is extremely important during this time of stress.