This fund is available to pet owners who are unable to meet the financial obligations for a companion animal that is ill, injured, or in need of emergency care. GVMA member veterinarians may apply for funding on behalf of the client.


GVMA veterinarians can apply for funding to support cases that meet client, patient and treatment criteria. The application and all documentation must be provided to the GVMA Office through the member veterinarian.

Client Eligibility: A case must fit into 1 of 2 types of client eligibility – documented financial hardship or temporary financial hardship.

  1. Documented financial hardship – documentation of participation in the food stamp program, SSI, or Medicaid (please send a copy of the award letter. DO NOT send photo copies of SSI or snap cards).
  2. Temporary financial hardship – Due to extenuating circumstances, a client may be eligible for a grant award.

The veterinarian must fax or mail a letter describing the circumstances causing the financial hardship. The client and veterinarian must sign the document.

Patient eligibility: The fund provides assistance to treat any animal whose primary purpose is companionship. Animals used for breeding purposes will not be covered. The pet must be sick, injured, or in need of emergency care.

Treatment eligibility: The GVMA Foundation believes that routine veterinary care is an important part of responsible pet ownership. Consequently, physical examinations, vaccines, general prophylactic dental care, flea and tick control products and heartworm prevention will not be covered. Spays and neuters will not be covered unless it can be demonstrated that the procedure is essential to the continued health of the animal (pyometra, testicular cancer, perineal hernias etc.)

Funding limits
Veterinary practices – Funding is limited to $750 per year per GVMA veterinarian.
Pet owners – Each household is limited to $750 per year.

Application Process
Submitting an application: Veterinarians can apply for a grant from the fund by completing a GVMA foundation fund application via fax or mail. Applications must include:

  • documentation supporting clients financial hardship
  • a detailed cost estimate for patient treatment including all fees
  • patient diagnosis and prognosis

Application Deadline
Completed applications must be received in the GVMA office no later than 1 week after initiating treatment.
Applications received later will not be considered. The fund recommends submitting applications prior to treatment, however, the fund recognizes that in emergency situations this may not be possible. Practices must decide whether to proceed with treatment and subsequently submit an application. An application may be denied at the funds discretion if the client, patient, or treatment eligibility is inappropriate.

Application status notification: A committee of 3 GVMA Foundation Board members will review the application and make a decision.

Once treatment is provided, the veterinarian submits a detailed invoice along with the information outlined above by fax or mail to the GVMA office in care of the Executive Director. Payment by check is made directly to the veterinary practice. Fund will pay in full invoices not exceeding the yearly limit of $750. For invoices exceeding the yearly limit, the fund will only pay the annual limit.