+ LEAP CE with Don Riddick, ESQ.!

Provides 5 General CE Credits + 2 LEAP CE Credits

Sunday, November 15, 2020
7:30 am – 3:30 pm



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Ingrid Johnson, CCBC – Fear Free Certified Professional

Ingrid Johnson is a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant (CCBC) through The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). Ingrid owns and operates Fundamentally Feline, providing in home consults for locals and nationwide phone consultations for clients experiencing behavior challenges with their cat(s). In addition to behavior consults, Ingrid publishes educational content on her website, manages Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, makes her own line of feline foraging toys, scratching posts, vertical space, and litter boxes. She lectures nationwide on cat behavior at veterinary conferences such as AAFP, VMX, ACVC and the like. She is employed at Paws Whiskers and Claws, a feline only veterinary hospital, as a tech, groomer, and office manager and has been working exclusively with cats since 1999.

In the Fall of 2016 a paper she co-authored, Food puzzles for cats: Feeding for physical and emotional well-being, was published in the JFMS (Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery) and to compliment it she co-developed a website called FoodPuzzlesforCats.com. To date it is the most popular and widely downloaded paper in the history of the journal! Ingrid’s home, cats, and environmental enrichment expertise has been featured on Animal Planet’s Cats101 show. She filmed for the website WebMD and has created a series of educational How-To videos of her own, viewable on Fundamentally Feline’s website. She is Co-Director of Paw Project-Georgia, working towards ending the cruel practice of de-clawing cats.

Cat Fancy magazine’s 2008 “Home Issue” showcased her feline friendly accommodations and the aesthetically pleasing ways you can provide for your cats innate basic needs while still having a home the humans can enjoy. Ingrid is a huge advocate for enrichment and is determined to thwart the belief that one’s home will look unsightly in efforts to provide it. Ingrid shares her home with husband Jake, seven rescue cats, and Sebastian, a rescued Great Pyrenees Dog.


7:00am – 7:30am: Registration & Continental Breakfast
7:30am – 8:20am: Feline Introductions: Setting Cats Up for Success

Humans! We are too anxious, introduce too quickly and then wonder why our feline companions are not getting along! This lecture will discuss how to properly introduce cats to each other, ONE sensitive feline sense at a time. Specific instructions for each phase of the introduction process will be outlined including setting up a feline safe room, detailed positive reinforcement strategies, along with what to do when you hit a roadblock. Taking it slow will be the take home message, and just when you think you were slow enough, slow down some more!

8:20am – 9:10am: Feline Foraging Toys: How to Implement, Motivate, & Stage the Difficulty Level

  • This lecture will discuss the importance of encouraging indoor cats to work for their food, motivating cats to learn how to forage, staging the difficulty level of the objects offered and how to set clients up for success feeding this way. The benefits of this type of feeding style bring out the hunting instincts of our cats and introduce enrichment into their lives. We will specifically discuss implementing this feeding strategy in a multi-cat household, as a weight loss program, and as a tool to keep young cats busy and working their mind and body! Suggestions on how to implement food puzzles into the veterinary practice and the behavior consultant’s toolbox will also be offered. You will even learn how to make food puzzles at home!

9:10am – 9:30am: Break
9:30am – 10:20am: Litter Boxes: Get the Scoop! Changing Human Perceptions About Litter Boxes

  • Litter boxes do not have to be gross or something you hide. The goal of this talk is to not only to educate but to evoke change and pride in litter box maintenance and encourage clients to take pride in it as well. Together we can prove to the world that caring for a cat, even housing multiple cats in your home, does not have to be stinky. We will review litter box basics such as how many, what kind and where, as well as discuss litters, cleaners, & aesthetics. Special needs cats and accommodating handicapped cats will also be covered. We will discuss some of the latest research on feline preferences as well as how to guide a client to help them get their cat BACK IN THE BOX! There is scientific process to it and it works like a dream!

10:20am – 11:10am: Medicating Tricks and Tips: How to Medicate Cats Positively!

  • It can be done, cats can be medicated and often in a fun and positive way (yes, it’s true!). This talk will discuss everything from proper “pilling” techniques to a wide variety of tricks to get cats to accept their medications. This is not just about giving pills, we will review strategies to assist with subcutaneous injections, fluid therapy, BG readings, you name it! From the exam to room to the home I will review my, “I don’t take no for an answer” philosophy and share with you all the tools in my arsenal. The key is to be equipped with options so that clients know they can come to you for alternatives if something is not working. This lecture will help provide a myriad of trouble-shooting options for whatever challenges you are experiencing.

11:10am – 12:20pm: Lunch (Provided)
12:20pm – 1:10pm: Medical Issues that Present as “Behavior Problems”: Recognition & Management

  • The late night howling, the pee on the carpet, the lone fecal ball at the bottom of the stairs, the vomiting; are these behavior problems or symptoms of a bigger issue? In many cases, especially with senior cats, these are the signs of a medical problem that is manifesting as a behavior problem. In this talk we will discuss how to recognize these issues, learn questions you should be asking clients to help rule out medical vs behavioral and how to address both aspects of the issue simultaneously.

1:10pm – 1:30pm: Break
1:30pm – 3:30pm: LEAP CE

  • CBD and the Legalities for Veterinarians with Don Riddick, Esq.


(On or Before 10-14/After 10-14)

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Full Session$150$275/$325$325/$375
LEAP CE Only$0$0$250


This resort features kid-friendly activities, dining options, and more all under one roof. Your stay includes access to the 93,000-sq. ft. water park’s pools and slides kept warm at 84-degrees year-round. Book now and go for the moment today.


Fort Mackenzie

Explore all the levels splash-crazy fun in the best water fort treehouse you’ve ever seen. Delight in the interactive water toys and kid-activated splash features. Escape via the Totem Tower body slides to start all over again. And listen for the bell; when it rings, the gigantic bucket on top is ready to tip!

Traverse The River Of Fun On This Family Raft Ride

Gather your Wolf Pack together for the twisting, gliding, raft-riding adventure of your life! River Canyon Run sends you careening through the dipping, bending curves of a river of fun, and you’ll want to come back for more of this water slide action: guaranteed!

Rustic Ridge Climbing Wall

Climb 21 Feet To Reach This Summit.
Take fun to new heights! Rustic Ridge offers a 21-ft. climbing challenge for every age and skill level. Our staff will outfit you with a safety harness and provide friendly tips on making it to the “summit”.